How an ICO can avoid SEC’s sanctions

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Almost all founders working with blockchain projects and preparing to start an ICO make sure to enlist the support of experienced lawyers to help them avoid the attention of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The U.S. regulator's decision to label specific tokens as security ones imposes so many regulations on the founders that it seems that it's easier to close the shop.
ANP Law Firm’s Managing Partner Anastasia Pichugina has a chat with Mikhail Uspensky, a specialist in legal support of blockchain projects on the specific details the SEC pays attention to when looking into an ICO. What token can be labeled as a security one and which ones will remain utility? What can and cannot be promised in a project’s white paper and marketing materials? What future is the U.S regulator preparing for the ICO projects in 2018?
Are you sure that your token is a 100% Utility?
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